Imagine waking up in a nest of tyrannosaur eggs that are just beginning to hatch.

"They really are cute when they're young," Amniotic fluid from already hatched eggs covers you.

From across a large clearing, a heaving snout with glistening 18" teeth is pointing your direction. Heat and humidity dull your senses, but not your sense of urgency. A stand of boulders is 20 feet away. The snout, and the monster it's attached to, is moving in your direction with increasing speed. You in turn are quickly approaching the refuge of rocks, diving headfirst into a small opening. Too late.

Your left leg didn't follow your body into the crevice. Jaws that can penetrate massive bony plate begin to clamp down on your pristine leg. Her serrated teeth gently pull your leg back, without breaking the skin. You are extracted from your hiding place like a bulldozer pulling a toy car. She rolls you on your stomach, nuzzles you, then picks you up, gently balancing you on a tongue that is larger than you are.

She lifts you up like a high speed elevator accelerating towards the top of the world. She walks you back to the nest. You slide off her tongue. She inspects you and the other hatchlings. As long as you smell like one of them, you are one of them.


Time on Job

1 Year(s) 6 Month(s)

Job Experience

11 October 2016 - 08 August 2017